About us

Allay Pharmaceuticals LLC, has been serving the industry since 2006. The company was founded by a group of highly competent professionals who are former employees of many of the top pharmaceutical companies in the United States. The experience profile of the multi-faceted management team include:


  • Analytical Development / Lab Testing

  • Formulations & Product Development

  • Manufacturing Processes

  • Packaging

  • Engineering

  • Information Technology


  • Quality Control

  • Quality Assurance

  • Regulatory Affairs & Compliance

  • NDA & ANDA submissions

  • FDA, DEA, EPA, OSHA regulations

  • Entrepreneurial experience

  • Business & financial operations

Our Team

The management team is complemented by highly skilled experts from all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry. When it comes to innovation and problem solving, we are backed up by a number of highly sought out scientists with proven track records in the industry.

Our Vision

Through our diverse professional skills, clarity of purpose and values, we aim to set a dynamic attitude to steer Allay to lead market trends in pharmaceutical services and to achieve sustainable growth of our company through client relations.

Establishing and monitoring customer requirements is the foundation for Allay's Quality Program and provides objective measures of Allay's performance. We will continue to work with, and listen to, our customers with a focus on ensuring that their satisfaction remains a top corporate priority. Allay executives are responsible for creating and sustaining a clear and visible Quality Program, along with a supporting management system, to guide all activities of the company. We are dedicated to maintaining an environment that is conducive to full employee participation, continuous improvement, and personal and organizational growth.

Allay envisions to establish itself as a market leader in the pharmaceutical service business. One of Allay's top priorities is creating and preserving customer satisfaction. Customers are involved at every stage of the process in order to determine their needs and the key features to be integrated into our services.

We respect the needs and expectations of our internal and external customers and we are committed to providing the product our customers demand, with the service they expect, from the people they can depend on.

Career opportunities

We realize that training and development of team members in a culture of strict quality and compliance is critical to upholding Allay's brand image and to serve the industry in general. Allay is constantly scouting for bright and talented individuals to join our team. Please contact us to inquire about available positions.